Our residential property management system is designed to SUPPORT and PROTECT our LANDLORD CLIENTS keeping them fully informed of constantly changing legislation which can have far reaching effects on the security of your asset if not acted upon promptly.  The alternative is to take care of all of it yourself without professional guidance.

For your support and protection. we provide a fully digitised and active process placing us as your managing agent between the you and the tenant, removing the responsibility of the day to day running of the tenancy, which can be time consuming, stressful and inconvenient and to positively manage the protection of your asset and income arising whilst the property remains tenanted.

Our system ensures that there is a clear digital event trail to be followed, which logs all tenant interactions including queries, repairs, and payments, and which can be used as effective evidence in the case of a dispute between landlord and tenant. We know that a fully digitised process offers considerable value to you and is the most effective way to protect your interests.


At Southpoint, we actively seek to transfer all new and existing landlords into our highly developed and significant management portfolio and system. We also offer those self-managed landlords, who are finding the process too onerous and time consuming, the opportunity to transfer into our portfolio and system. We offer the same opportunity to those landlords who are currently dissatisfied with their current management arrangements but are unsure as to how this might be efficiently and effectively achieved especially with medium to larger property portfolios.

Through years of arduous training, discipline and experience, we are confident that we have developed a management service of considerable value to our clients.  We have created a simple transfer system to make the transfer process efficient , effective and painless.

We never forget that the management of residential property for clients is a very personal experience and depends not only on excellent systems and processes but on an effective relationship between the client and the managing agent and his or her team. Detailed discussions about the potential transfer of your residential property or properties to our property management system and how that system operates will be preceded by a face to face meeting where possible, so that you can meet with us, ask questions, and to some extent gauge our capacity to act for you effectively. Whilst we are confident of the outcome it is important for you to have that opportunity.

When you are ready to discuss the transfer of your property or properties, please make easy contact as follows:


    An increasing number of local authorities are considering the licensing of landlords. A limited number such as the London Borough of Croydon have been actively involved in the process.It is the landlord’s liability to meet the local authority’s compliance standard. It is not the role of the managing agent to ensure such compliance.To assist each landlord and with their permission we can organise attendance to both mandatory and advisory issues raised by the local authority by our contracting team.Clearly this detailed, time-consuming, and onerous work falls outside our standard management liability and the charge we make and also falls under the category of NON-MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE.