Prior to marketing your commercial property for sale or rent or for assignment of an existing lease it would be prudent to have your asset formally valued by our commercial valuer. The valuation of commercial assets tends to be rather more technical and time consuming than the valuation of a standard residential property and the method used can depend upon the type of asset to be valued. In many cases the asset does not come to the market or may not be marketed by the agency that carried you the valuation.

Commercial valuations are outsourced to our commercial partners who may charge for this service at their discretion.

Generally the valuation will take into account the size of the asset in terms of square footage with a specific value applied to each square foot of floor space. That value will depend upon the type of asset being valued, its location, the condition of the asset and current demand for the type of asset.

Rental valuations are calculated by reference to the total square footage of floor space and the value applied to each square foot. Different square footage values can apply in different locations within the same building.

The capital value of a commercial asset is calculated by reference to the rental value of the asset as described above and a suitable market yield taking into account market conditions pertaining at the time of valuation.

From time to time the current market value of a commercial or residential asset known as existing use value, may be less than an alternative use or development value (subject to planning).

If you require a valuation of your commercial asset please contact us as below: